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I just received a report by the International Crisis Group entitled “Egypt’s Sinai Question“. Skimming through it, it looks like there’s some interesting information. But, in all honesty, I’m not sure how well-researched it is because some of their recommendations are already being worked on. I did have time to notice that they tackle the […]

I saw this article in the Washington Post. It seems the Democartic Senator Tim Johnson (South Dakota) is in critical condition after brain surgery. Generally, something of the sort is not all that noteworthy. However, it turns out that if he is unable to fulfil his duties, the Governor (a Republican!)  gets to appoint a […]

Caught this while driving around Cairo. I just had to go back round for the picture. I’m sorry the resolution is pretty bad; phone camera. If you cant make it out: 25 years An exhibition of Mubarak’s Era (Ma3rad 3asr Mubarak) (A Quarter of a Centure of Achievements) (Rob3 Qarn min al Ingazat) And the […]

Kifaya’s most recent close-but-no-cookie oneupmanship campaign (see my comments at the Arabist post) reminded me of something i had written not long after May 25. Here it is, slightly amended: We has just finished off our ta`meyya and batates sandwiches and were waiting for our shishas (we were biding time not too far from the […]

It should be noted that this was written in the first week of May and so may seem a little outdated. As an opening entry. This isnt the greatest opening entry, but here we go… In light of the recent events, it seems people have become a lot more forthcoming with their criticism of protests. […]