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I just received a report by the International Crisis Group entitled “Egypt’s Sinai Question“. Skimming through it, it looks like there’s some interesting information. But, in all honesty, I’m not sure how well-researched it is because some of their recommendations are already being worked on. I did have time to notice that they tackle the […]

I just received this from the Arab Network for Human Rights Information (HRInfo). Cairo – 24 December 2006 Arabic Network for Human Rights Information (HRinfo) is highly concerned by the resolution of Qalubia governor to close Ahalina Center for Egyptian Family Support and Development (Ahalina). The governor’s resolution is aimed at revenge on Ahalina which […]

Frederik Richter has an interesting piece in  It’s more reporting than in depth analysis. I would really like to see someone qualified take a long hard look at the prospects of educational reform in Egypt. But this is a start. The piece examines  educational reform initiatives using IT training. It’s no surprise that the […]

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This is something that’s been bouncing around in the back of my head for about a week.I’ll start with a mundane example. As anyone who’s lived in Cairo knows, transportation is a bitch. Personally, I drive, although sometimes i wish i wasnt so reliant on the storage space. It’s such a stressful, nerve-wrecking ordeal. And […]

Caught this while driving around Cairo. I just had to go back round for the picture. I’m sorry the resolution is pretty bad; phone camera. If you cant make it out: 25 years An exhibition of Mubarak’s Era (Ma3rad 3asr Mubarak) (A Quarter of a Centure of Achievements) (Rob3 Qarn min al Ingazat) And the […]

Kifaya’s most recent close-but-no-cookie oneupmanship campaign (see my comments at the Arabist post) reminded me of something i had written not long after May 25. Here it is, slightly amended: We has just finished off our ta`meyya and batates sandwiches and were waiting for our shishas (we were biding time not too far from the […]

Riding on the wave of my newly-found soft spot for conspiracy theories, I think I had uncovered a very intriguing mystery. First, some background. I’m one of the unfortunate souls that have to drive o work and back for 3 hours everyday. I drive across Cairo (6th of October) and sometimes around (Ring road). Being […]