ICG Report on Sinai


I just received a report by the International Crisis Group entitled “Egypt’s Sinai Question“. Skimming through it, it looks like there’s some interesting information. But, in all honesty, I’m not sure how well-researched it is because some of their recommendations are already being worked on.

I did have time to notice that they tackle the lagging development (not that the rest of Egypt is shooting ahead, really) as a major problem. I agree, as would a lot of people i’ve met in the Sinai.  What’s strange is that i dont think the report makes any reference to the EC-funded SSRDP (The South Sinai Regional Develpoment Program), which is a little odd since it was such a public and exciting affair when i visited twice in the Summer. I’m not quite sure how anyone visiting South Sinai for non-sun-related reasons could managed to miss it.


4 Responses to “ICG Report on Sinai”

  1. 1 cairophil

    You haven’t read the report very carefully: there is a whole section on the EU SSRDP with enough information to understand the disfunctionning of the EU aid in South Sinai.
    Besides, it is always worth to remind decision-makers what they had intended or are supposed to do (i.e. your remark on the recommendation).

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