Police Storm NGO in Shobra el-Kheima


I just received this from the Arab Network for Human Rights Information (HRInfo).

Cairo – 24 December 2006

Arabic Network for Human Rights Information (HRinfo) is highly concerned by the resolution of Qalubia governor to close Ahalina Center for Egyptian Family Support and Development (Ahalina). The governor’s resolution is aimed at revenge on Ahalina which disclosed the falseness of his mid-November statements that all slum areas in Qalubia governorate are completely supplied with utilities. Ahalina reported that many areas in the governorate are still lacking the minimum requirements of humanitarian life.

On 24 December 2006, employees from Shubra Al-Khima Municipality accompanied by policemen stormed into Ahalina headquarter and attempted to close and seal it with red wax, upon Qalubia governor’s resolution. The governor claimed that Ahalina is “inciting riots”; examples include submitting more than 11 complaints signed by the citizens of slum and deprived areas to the governor’s office. In addition, Ahalina issued a press release in response to governor’s false statements that the governorate has no slum or lacking-utilities areas.

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Ahalina Center was founded early in 2006 with the purpose to provide tangible health, environmental, legal, educational, and other services for children, women, and men in Shubra Al-Khima city which lacks many of the basic utilities. Ahalina work is mainly based on volunteers, donors, and self efforts. However, it seems that such activities of Ahalina disturbed Qalubia governor and security forces to the extent that they decided to close it. That is particularly after the center succeeded to unmask the false statements of the governor.

“This revengeful resolution to close Ahalina Center is considered a sever violation to basic standards of human rights. Qalubia governor may be held accountable for misusing his power against an active civil society organization,” HRinfo said.

Arabic Network for Human Rights Information calls upon the civil community to defend Ahalina center against the unjust harassments, which clearly reveal the continuous rivalry between the Egyptian government on one hand and civil society activists and organizations on the other hand.

To read Ahalina’s Press Release in response to Qalubia governor statements:

Ahalina Section on HRinfo website:


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