IT and Education Reform


Frederik Richter has an interesting piece in  It’s more reporting than in depth analysis. I would really like to see someone qualified take a long hard look at the prospects of educational reform in Egypt. But this is a start. The piece examines  educational reform initiatives using IT training. It’s no surprise that the bulk of effort has not been initiated by the government, but rather IT companies operating within Egypt.


2 Responses to “IT and Education Reform”

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    well I just bumped into your blog by stumbling into MY own blog in Manal/Alaa( I didnt know I was important enough to actually exist there hehehe). I look and there’s another “Cairene” signature. So I just wanted to drop a word. I’ll be back to acually read your posts 😀 I’ve a class now.

  2. и всё эе: спасибо…

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