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I just received this from the Arab Network for Human Rights Information (HRInfo). Cairo – 24 December 2006 Arabic Network for Human Rights Information (HRinfo) is highly concerned by the resolution of Qalubia governor to close Ahalina Center for Egyptian Family Support and Development (Ahalina). The governor’s resolution is aimed at revenge on Ahalina which […]

The EUMC (European Monitoring Center on Racism and Xenophobia) just released a report studying the conditions of Muslims in EU countries. I’ve only had time to skim through the 117 pages. At a first glance, they seem to have made an effort to maintain balance such as with the chickin-and-egg issue of marginalization and discrimination. […]

I saw this article in the Washington Post. It seems the Democartic Senator Tim Johnson (South Dakota) is in critical condition after brain surgery. Generally, something of the sort is not all that noteworthy. However, it turns out that if he is unable to fulfil his duties, the Governor (a Republican!)  gets to appoint a […]

Frederik Richter has an interesting piece in  It’s more reporting than in depth analysis. I would really like to see someone qualified take a long hard look at the prospects of educational reform in Egypt. But this is a start. The piece examines  educational reform initiatives using IT training. It’s no surprise that the […]

Letter to HRW


I just received this letter from several human rights organizations addressed to Human RIghts Watch. They’re basically protesting the ridiculous statement issued by HRW towards the end of last month that i posted on recently.

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This is something that’s been bouncing around in the back of my head for about a week.I’ll start with a mundane example. As anyone who’s lived in Cairo knows, transportation is a bitch. Personally, I drive, although sometimes i wish i wasnt so reliant on the storage space. It’s such a stressful, nerve-wrecking ordeal. And […]

This isnt very Egypt-related, but I thought I would post it. I was reading the Ahram Weekly when i came across this opinion piece by Jonathan Cook. He essentially tears apart this recent report by HRW. He says: “If one thing offers a terrifying glimpse of where the experiment in human despair that is Gaza […]