A Quarter Century of Achievement


Caught this while driving around Cairo. I just had to go back round for the picture. I’m sorry the resolution is pretty bad; phone camera.

Quarter Century

If you cant make it out:

25 years

An exhibition of Mubarak’s Era

(Ma3rad 3asr Mubarak)

(A Quarter of a Centure of Achievements) (Rob3 Qarn min al Ingazat)

And the first year of Mr Presidents’s Election Program (wal 3am al awwal lil barnamig il intikhaby lil sayyed il ra2ees)

The remaining lines go on including something about nazeef in the standard much-smaller-for-mere-prime-ministers-and-assorted-other-lackeys font size.

I havent really been following the papers the last few days, and i dont watch tv so i’m not sure if this is the start or just part of what is evidently Mubarak’s most recent publicity campaign. This will probably be amusing, if it isnt too frustrating.


4 Responses to “A Quarter Century of Achievement”

  1. 25 years of achievement????

  2. 3 Cairene

    What’s with the bots?

  1. 1 Hoodia

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