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Kifaya’s most recent close-but-no-cookie oneupmanship campaign (see my comments at the Arabist post) reminded me of something i had written not long after May 25. Here it is, slightly amended: We has just finished off our ta`meyya and batates sandwiches and were waiting for our shishas (we were biding time not too far from the […]

Riding on the wave of my newly-found soft spot for conspiracy theories, I think I had uncovered a very intriguing mystery. First, some background. I’m one of the unfortunate souls that have to drive o work and back for 3 hours everyday. I drive across Cairo (6th of October) and sometimes around (Ring road). Being […]



me. It’s really nice to be invited to write here like I’m a serious author or something, so in order to maintain such an image I will try to adhere to a stanard of substantive…subtantiveness. Will think of something deep soon. Stay posted.

We Have Roots


[This is my first post to The Egyptian (hopefully won’t be my last). I posted it in my blog, but then it seemed well fitting to the name of this blog, that I thought of sharing it here. But , I guess I’ll have to write a more appropriate first post sometime soon; something which […]